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Lilypad Homes: Building the Bridge to Housing Security


Lilypad Homes x HCAG


Lilypad Homes is a women-run 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization serving the North Bay. At Lilypad Homes, we work with Marin homeowners to take advantage of new state laws that offer an opportunity to create an accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, that is a completely private, independently functioning living space. The ADU can then be used for renters, in-home caregivers, or family members. 



It is wonderful that the Marin Housing Crisis Action Group (HCAG) has come on the scene to help create secure and affordability housing in our community. Especially since we are seeing growing numbers of people displaced because of the fires.It is through collaboration that we will stabilize the situation with advocates willing to support innovative housing solutions and opportunities as they present themselves. We are excited to be part of the growing coalition. 


ADUs are Making a Difference

  • Create income, to provide homeowners with greater security, comfort and freedom

  • Allow retirees to remain in their homes and age in place

  • Provide emergency housing

  • Offer a private space for a parent or other family member

  • Serve as accommodations for a nanny or caregiver

  • Increase property values, compared to similar homes without a rental unit


ADUs Offer an Abundant Source of Housing

  • Can be developed quickly and at the lowest cost compared to new development

  • Offer the lowest cost rental housing on the real estate market

  • Serve as an excellent source of emergency housing and mid-and long-term rental housing for the people who have been displaced in the recent fires in Sonoma and Napa, many of whom work in Marin, as well as others who serve our community.



By adding an ADU to your home you create more secure housing for yourself and someone else while benefiting the whole community. These new homes will house local workers and bring new customers to local businesses. They will reduce traffic congestion from the 65,000 people who commute into Marin to work every day. And they will reduce carbon emissions by using the built environment more efficiently, helping us address climate change. All of this helps us build an economically stronger, more self-reliant community while preserving the inherent character of the neighborhoods we love.



Lilypad Homes’ 3 Main Service Areas:


  1. We provide consulting services to cities, so that they can best support citizens in the creation of rental units in homes, through Flexible Housing initiatives.  These units create housing that is more secure and affordable for both home owners and renters.

  2. We work directly with individual homeowners to create rental units in their homes and on their properties.  We guide them through each step of the process and introduce them to people in our partner organizations and to their programs in order to successfully see our clients through the feasibility, financing, design, permitting, estimating, building and leasing process.

  3. We are piloting the Lilypad Method, a streamlined process of working with homeowners, that we can share with others agencies and organizations that wish to help us grow the Flexible Housing Movement in areas outside of the North Bay.  


Lilypad Homes is working to help achieve these goals and assist with emergency measures to house people in the wake of the Sonoma and Napa County fires. Our success will make the North Bay an economically stronger, more sustainable, diverse and resilient region.



To get involved with Lilypad or donate visit http://lilypadhomes.org/

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